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I hope my handstitching is task-oriented and functional. With this detailed, diversed, so visible and imperfect technique I try to develop seams that would be essential for garments shapes. The single-handed stitching process, only one person process, results from the patterns I make, as well as the natural dyes.


I try to design patterns that cause almost no fabric waste. I have not ever wasted any piece of linen. Using long notches, not cut outs, is my way of working on patterns. If there are any little leftovers, they are placed onto my compost heap or they are incorporated into other forms. The whole garments are biodegradable since their composition is 100% botanically dyed linen.

The plants for natural dyes come from my little garden or from around the place where I live (near Wieliczka, Poland). Herbs, flowers, veggies, fruit bushes, fruit trees and larger trees are growing in this no-dig garden. All the wild little volunteers are also welcome and I am always amazed by the world happening there. I hope i could transfer a bit of that onto the linens in the long process of dyeing.


I work with natural, undyed raw linen made locally in Poland, certified with Standard 100 by oeko-tex. The garments I make are not seasonal and may be made to order any time with similar or different natural dyes.

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