linen layered skirt of raspberry

linen layered skirt of raspberry

Skirt rectangulary layered with flapping sides, made of 100% oeko-cert 100 S linen made in Poland. Cut in the studio with no-waste pattern design, handdyed with natural dyes - conifers and iron for color background of front and back. Back is made with thicker linen and the color came more golden brown. Front outer layer is light, a bit see-through mesh linen layered with white under it. It was bundled with leaves and berries from my garden - blackcurrants, yarrow, aronias, raspberries.  The skirt is adjustable with laces incorporated in the designed, handstitched system of tunnels.  The stitching process as well as the natural colors offer the garment some unforgetable details and imperfect feeling that only plants and hands can give.


One-of-a-kind piece, there is no other like it in stock. If you would like a similar skirt feel free to suggest me making one for you, just contact me directly -

There was a similar pattern skirt made, with alder dyes, so the are different possibilities of colors and layers of this skirt which may be made to order as well.

  • care and info

    - handwash in neutral PH soap,

    - avoid long-term light exposure when not in use

    - made entirely in Poland, handmade in the studio

    - handyed with natural dyes, handstitched with linen threads

    - entirely biodegradable (when the times comes the garment may be cut to pieces and be of value to the soil and microorganisms)

  • shippment

    - free shipping by EMS or contact me directly - when express shipping required.

  • options for garments made to order

    - different linens or dyes - contact me directly

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